Gandhigram Trust - Shanthi High School for Physically Challenged Children

Project Brief: Santhi School for the Speech and Hearing impaired
Project Type: Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Dallas
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Guru Mathur
Project Partner(s): Krishnaveni Raju
Other Contacts: Arathi Rao
Project Address: , Shanthi High School for physically challenged children,Sivasailam,Alwarkurichi (via) Tirunelvel,
TAMIL NADU  627412
Tel: 04634-283344
Stewarding Chapter: Dallas
Apr 2015DallasUSD 5683
Jun 2014DallasUSD 5281
May 2013DallasUSD 4722
Nov 2012DallasUSD 4350
May 2011DallasUSD 1071
May 2011DallasUSD 2410
Apr 2010DallasUSD 400
Jan 2010DallasUSD 4200
Nov 2008DallasUSD 5686

Total = $33803

Shanthi High school is one of the schools run by Gandhigram Trust and it provides education for physically challenged. This school has about 108 kids. This project aims at supporting salaries for a full time Speech Therapist and a Special Educator (Senior Diploma in teaching the Deaf).
♦ Providing affordable access to essential services such as health and education
♦ Co-create knowledge and skills with local communities leveraging their traditional strength and make these applicable to their lives
♦ Generate employment and livelihood opportunities with a stress on self- management
Gandhigram is the product of Mahatma’s encouragement to aspire for Swaraj. Dr. T.S. Soundram and Dr. G. Ramachandran started Gandhigram to help the rural poor for their growth and development in the fields of health, education, economic development and social welfare. It was this vision which manifested into the various institutions.
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