Shirpur Vishwamandal Sevashram

Project Brief: The objective of this project is the education of the children of the Bhil tribe in Dhule district, Maharashtra.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: other (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Zurich
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Sachin Mehta
Project Partner(s): Assis Rodgrigues
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , C/o Father Assis Rodgrigues,The Shirpur Vishwamandal Sevashram,Shirpur,
Tel: 91 2563 255561
Stewarding Chapter: Zurich
Nov 2017ZurichUSD 3635
Sep 2017ZurichUSD 12453
Feb 2017ZurichCHF 12427
Aug 2016ZurichCHF 10359
Mar 2016ZurichCHF 10503
Nov 2015ZurichUSD 6175
Sep 2015ZurichUSD 9064
Apr 2015ZurichCHF 9399
Oct 2014ZurichUSD 5608
Aug 2014ZurichCHF 5286
Mar 2014ZurichUSD 5816
Oct 2008ZurichINR 225905
May 2008ZurichINR 159386
Oct 2007ZurichINR 159000
Jan 2007ZurichINR 138500
Jul 2006ZurichINR 137000

Total = $95128.846702

The schools provide informal education for the children coming from the Bhil tribe in various regions of Dulhe district in Maharashtra. Due to the isolation of the region, there are no functional government schools for the tribal children to attend, thus the need for the classes run under this project. It benefits the tribal children and helps them integrate from Non formal Education classes (NFE) to Government school. In addition, the Vishwamandal Sevashram undertakes various other development projects such as watershed development, organic farming and medical training among others, and has a long history of developmental work in the area.
To help the running of the NFE classes in tribal area, providing the salary for the teachers and the supervisor, procurement of educational material for the children.
The Shirpur Vishwamandal Sevashram, Dhule (VSD) is the registered Trust, set up by the Jesuits of Mumbai for the development of tribals. Registration: P. T. R. No. F-705 (Bombay), Soc. Reg. No. Bom. 63/68 GBBSD. FCRA No. 083820020.
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