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Project Brief:
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chennai
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Kasturi Easwaran
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Project Address: , Old no 34, New No 54, Bhimasena Garden Street, Mylapore,,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600004
Stewarding Chapter: Chennai
Jun 2018ChennaiUSD 24487
May 2017ChennaiUSD 3587
May 2017ChennaiINR 28149
Oct 2015ChennaiUSD 1559
Jul 2015ChennaiUSD 3152
Apr 2013ChennaiUSD 1883
Oct 2010ArizonaUSD 10000
Aug 2008ArizonaUSD 13300
Dec 2005ChennaiINR 178360
Dec 2004ChennaiINR 95000

Total = $64540.8962

Over the years a number of efforts were made to improve the facilities and services offered to children in Govt.
run schools. Despite these the quality of learning offered in many schools is far from satisfactory. A number of
evaluation studies on classroom processes in govt. schools have stated that,

Low achievement levels of children passing out each year.
Continuation of drill and other monotonous teaching methods
Inadequate lesson planning.
Non-availability of learning material for self and group learning material.
Concept of organizing small groups for peer learning and individualized attention to learners has not taken
Facilities such as library books are not available to children on a regular basis.
Long hours of children�s productive time being un or underutilized. Large combined classes with one teacher or the other busy with other tasks.
Lack of art, craft, music, sports activities on a regular basis for all round development of children.

Volunteers of Asha Chennai have also been participating in the Chennai Citizen's Forum that looks at improving
the Chennai Corporation Schools. In late 2003, the Pitt Macdonald lodge of the Free Masons society approached
Asha Chennai to take up improvements at a Corporation school as a pilot project which can then be expanded to
cover more such schools. The contacts made through Chennai Citizens' forum and the proposal from the Pitt
Macdonald Lodge fit in perfectly with Asha Chennai's vision to improve the government schools.

We undertook the project to improve corporation primary school, Paindiyamman Koil Street, Odaikuppam (opp
Ashtalakshmi Koil, Beasant Nagar) in Zone No 10.
To facilitate learning in the classroom through creation of learning cornerswithin each classroom,
though provision of a variety of age appropriate mate.
organizing children to work as a group and as individuals.
linking the material with subjects.
To build the capacity of the teachers in lesson planning, choosing appropriate methods and evolving necessary
material so that concepts of child centred learning is internalized.
To enable the teachers and children to monitor the progress and evaluate the levels of learning.
To promote all round development of children through music, craft, art, drama, dance, and sports activities
during classes and workshops.
To ensure that vibrant library activities become part of the school time- table and a variety of creative
activities are built around it.
To facilitate regular involvement of the parents in PTA meetings and sharing the progress of their children