Center for Development of Disadvantaged People (CDDP)

Project Brief: Non formal schools for dalit children in villages in Thiruvallur district in Tamil Nadu
Project Type: Support a Child (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: reeshav kumar
Project Partner(s): S Sethunarayanan
Other Contacts: Reshu Jain
Project Address: , 78, Krishnana, Street, Kanakadhara nagar,,Valasarawakkam,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600032
Tel: 91-44-24869050
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Oct 2017Silicon ValleyUSD 9748
Nov 2016Silicon ValleyUSD 9484
Nov 2015Silicon ValleyUSD 9471
Nov 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 4752
Aug 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 5540
Feb 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 5452
Aug 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 5386
Apr 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 7848
Feb 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 4733
Apr 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 7734
Sep 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 8321
Mar 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 9431
Sep 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 8810
Apr 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 9287
Sep 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 1
Sep 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 8535
Dec 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 7380
Jul 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 8505
Jan 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 9149
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Nov 2006Silicon ValleyUSD 7300
Apr 2006Silicon ValleyUSD 7569
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Oct 2005Silicon ValleyUSD 8030
May 2005Silicon ValleyUSD 7432
Dec 2004Silicon ValleyUSD 18371
Dec 2003Silicon ValleyUSD 14070
Dec 2002Silicon ValleyUSD 18358
Dec 2001Silicon ValleyUSD 5000
Dec 2000Silicon ValleyUSD 5000
Dec 1999Silicon ValleyUSD 15000
Dec 1998Silicon ValleyUSD 5000
Dec 1997StanfordUSD 5000
Dec 1996StanfordUSD 5000
Dec 1995ColoradoUSD 700
Dec 1995StanfordUSD 2050
Dec 1994StanfordUSD 3880

Total = $280117

The CDDP Project runs schools in a number of villages located in Thiruvallur district, on the way to Bangalore, about 70 km from Chennai . Most of the villages in the area are highly structured based on class and caste. Three clear strata are: high-class zamindars/land-owners, scheduled class, and scheduled tribes. CDDP's work focuses on the last two groups especially in helping the children join mainstream education.

CDDP started with 2 schools in Arungulam and Nedumbaram in 1997, followed by 2 more schools in Nemilli and Nallatur villages in 1999. Most recently in 2002 they opened another 3 schools. The schools run in the evenings for 2 hours. They have a non-formal education curriculum intended to introduce the children to school.

Many of the children work during the day to help their family by tending goats, working in the fields, doing household chores or babysitting younger children. Most have never attended school or dropped out early if they did. The goal is to enable them to go to regular schools after a few years at the evening school. CDDP continues to provide coaching and guidance after they transition to government schools.

Asha's funds have enabled CDDP to run and expand these schools to reach more and more children. In 2003, children from the 1st two schools transitioned to mainstream government schools!
To empower the downtrodden people of villages, especially women to obtain potential to govern themselves and their society at large and to use education and economic development as our tools to achieve the same.
CDDP is a women's voluntary organization working for the upliftment of the most disadvantaged people in the villages of Thiruvalangadu block of Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. The target population is small and marginal farmers, landless agricultural labourers, women and children. The organization runs various programs to benefit the target community.
Read more about the organization and their work on the website.
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