National Association for the Blind - Valsad

Project Brief: The National Association for the Blind, Valsad, works with the visually impaired. Asha supports assistance to the students and procurement of special educational material. NAB project is one of the Silicon Valley "Support A Child", SAC Projects.
Project Type: Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: completed - sustainable
Project Steward: Siddharth Bhavsar
Project Partner(s): Rambhai Patel
Other Contacts: Niyati Kadakia
Project Address: , Civil Hospital Road,,,
GUJARAT  396001
Tel: 011-91-2632-2-48378
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Dec 2006Silicon ValleyINR 12
Sep 2005Silicon ValleyUSD 27551
Jan 2005Silicon ValleyUSD 7110
Dec 2005NYC/NJUSD 2200
Nov 2004NYC/NJUSD 2200
Jun 2003NYC/NJUSD 2200
Dec 2001BerkeleyUSD 2000
Dec 2000BerkeleyUSD 2000
Dec 1997San FranciscoUSD 2000

Total = $47261.2616

Meet Vijay from the NAB Project

Vijay lives in Valsad, a coastal city nested in the southern region of Gujarat. He is 11 years old. His father works as a farmer and his mother as a laborer.

He enjoys going to school and is currently studying in standard 2. His favorite subject is Gujarati and he loves to play Cricket.

This project has concluded in 2007.
We thank our donors for their support

The National Association for the Blind, Valsad, works with the visually impaired. Asha supports assistance to the students and procurement of special educational material for the blind.

Currently there are 140 boys and 40 girls. Some of the adult children goto the Adult training center for the Blind where they can vocational training. The rest of the children goto public school and study with sighted children.

The NAB project is one of the Sillicon Valley "Support A Child", SAC projects.
To help the running of the school, procurement of special educational material/technology for the blind and integration of visually impaired children into their community.

The National Association for the Blind, Valsad, works with children and young-adults who are visually impaired, ranging from totally blind to partially blind. There are some children who are deaf and dumb and others who have other physical disabilities also.

  • NAB provides education to the children. This includes reading, writing, arithmetic, science, geography, and other subjects. They provide accommodation to those who are disabled and cannot afford to live on their own or live too far away to use the facilities. NAB has buit a girls hostel, which enables girls from neighbouring villages to come to stay and study at NAB or ATCB (Adult Training center for the Blind)

  • They provide vocational training in telephone operation, typing, computers, carpentry, weaving etc. They also provide assistance to/from and cover costs for doctor visits, initial assessments, visual care and checkups, and medicines, which are of much need for the children.

  • Apart from providing education and vocational training to children, NAB focuses on integration of children into the community. They assist children in getting the visually impaired jobs in the community. They send the students to normal schools to integrate them with the rest of the students in the community. Other activities are also conducted to help the NAB children to overcome the fear of working or interacting with sighted people and ultimately, overcoming the obstacles of their disability.

    Some Accomplishments

  • NAB cricket team selected to play in International Cricket championship in Sharjah in Feb 2005.

  • NAB children qualify for state level chess.

  • NAB graduate gives BAR exam and will soon practice law in Gujarat.

  • NAB graduates return to become teachers after finishing BA arts.

  • Girls at NAB bring State level Gold for folk dance and singing compitition.

  • FCRA: 2000082 issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs.
    Previously known as Path of Light Project
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