Jan Seva Mandal

Project Brief: Janseva provides lodging and boarding facilities for tribal boys in Nandurbar. Currently Jan Seva houses 60 adivasi boys who attend local schols. They collaborate with Jeevan Vidya which provides similar facilities for adivasi girls.
Project Type: Other (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Deepali Bhagvat
Project Partner(s): Fr. Florence Fernandes
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Near Mhada Colony, Korit Road,,Nandurbar,
Tel: 9226374464
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Jul 2017SeattleUSD 14008
Oct 2016SeattleUSD 8329
Jan 2016SeattleUSD 14200
Dec 2014SeattleUSD 6105
Mar 2014SeattleUSD 6273
Mar 2013SeattleUSD 6670
Nov 2011SeattleUSD 387
Nov 2011SeattleUSD 3380
Jul 2011SeattleUSD 3680
May 2010SeattleUSD 3530
Feb 2010SeattleUSD 3525
Jun 2009SeattleUSD 3440
Oct 2008SeattleUSD 3380

Total = $76907

Janseva operates lodging and boarding facilities for tribal boys in Nandurbar, which is 10 hours by road from Mumbai. The offices are located a few kilometers from the center of the town. Jan Seva has been operating this facility for 15 years and currently houses 60 adivasi boys. They collaborate with Jeevan Vidya which is a sister organization (run independently of Jan Seva) providing similar facilities for adivasi girls. The children who avail the benefits of these facilities come from villages located around 50-60 kms away. Children are from 5th to 10th grade and belong to very poor families. Most of the parents in this area are farm workers. The children attend a local missionary school for which they are not charged any fee.

Children are encouraged to be independent and disciplined. The children wash their own utensils as well as their clothes. Both the facilities have a fixed time-table that the children are supposed to follow. It is ensured that they get enough time for both studies and play. Janseva and Jeevan Vidya only provide boarding and lodging facilities, so there are no classes or teachers. Local volunteers teach children organic farming and in the process, impart some vocational training. Most of the children return to farming and contribute to their communities.
Located in the district town of Nandurbar, Janseva Mandal was started in 1969 by a Spanish gentleman, named Bernard Massat. It is a part of the Jesuit organization Bombay Xavierant Corp which also has a stake in the Xaviers college located in Mumbai.

Janseva has been a partner in Tribal Development for over 25 years. The organization initiated a dialogue with tribal communities to formulate strategies of economic and social mobility covering environmental conservation in farming, credit management, and alternative education. Janseva’s hallmark is its inclusion of tribal youth in the development of their own communities on a semi-voluntary basis through motivation and training programs. As part of this initiative, Janseva operates a boarding and lodging facility for the tribal children in Nandurbar.