Sarvodaya Parivar Trust

Project Brief: Sarvodaya Parivar Trust started an elementary school in 1994. It is a residential school for tribal children on a remote mountain plateau where they teach geography, science, and music in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Project Type: Residential School (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: NYC/NJ
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Tushar Shah
Project Partner(s): Kantibhai Shah
Other Contacts: Shailen Mistry
Project Address: , At PO Pindval,Tal Dharampur,Pindval,
GUJARAT  396050
Tel: +91. 2633.29.2540
Stewarding Chapter: NYC/NJ

Asha Stars, if any:

Shailen Mistry

Nov 2016NYC/NJUSD 25260
Jan 2016NYC/NJUSD 14951
Oct 2015NYC/NJUSD 24081
Nov 2014NYC/NJUSD 22809
Nov 2013NYC/NJUSD 19496
Jan 2013NYC/NJUSD 21000
Dec 2011NYC/NJUSD 19712
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Dec 2003Boston/MITUSD 500
Dec 2001BerkeleyUSD 4000
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Dec 1999BerkeleyUSD 4000
Dec 1999CornellUSD 925
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Dec 1999Silicon ValleyUSD 2000
Dec 1997BerkeleyUSD 1000
Dec 1996BerkeleyUSD 3000

Total = $312340

Pindval lies on a high mountain plateau covering a large 30-km. X 30-km. region populated by tribal Adivasi farmers. In 1994, Dolatsingh Parmar started the Sarvodaya Vidyalaya residential school teaching a small group of 40 boys in standard I.

There are more students who want to attend the school but there was not enough funding or enough room to house the children. The school built one building on the school grounds to house the sixty-odd children.

Through Asha support and guidance, they started to enroll girls and converted a seperate building for girls. They now have a almost an even ratio of boys and girls. Every year the enrollment has grown and there are now over 200 students attending grades KG to 7th standard.
In addition to teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, they also teach geography, science, and some music. The education also involves training skills in weaving, cloth-making, and gardening/farming. Basic living code such as cleanliness, cooking, grooming, and manners are also instilled in the children.
The Sarvodaya Parivar Trust in Pindval was established in 1968 by Kantabhen Shah. She began by walking 13 km. everyday for 14 years to provide medical services to the Adivasi people. Through her efforts, a doctor became a resident and continues medical service there.

Pinval is located 2400 feet above sea level and has over 120 villages in the surrounding area. The Adivasi people (tribals who live on the mountain plateau near Pindval) speak a local language which is about 60% Marati and 40% Gujarati (colloquial forms of Gujarati and Marati, not the proper forms).

Since there were bad water tanks, she helped build a well in a location central to the 125 villages and 7000 families in Pindval. Planting of mango trees and other crops were assisted by Kanbaben Shah. The trust set up a roofing program to create permanent roofs rather than the straw used previously. A spinning a weaving program was also established, an idea advocated by Mohandas Gandhi.

Pindval is located in a remote mountain plataeu in Gujarat, about 1-2 hours by car from the nearest large city, Valsad.
Kantibhai cell: :+91 9427176711
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